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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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Using a headband while you’re doing sports is definitely useful, as seen on footballers such as Jack Grealish, David Beckham and Gareth Bale. Check out out men's headbands for sports ranging from our Sleek Flexible Headband to our Sports Flexicomb Headband, Mens Hair Tools have a variety of Sports Headbands appropriate for every sport.


1) Football Headbands - Sports Headband


Let’s start with our Sports Headband. The clue is in the name, this headband has closely spaced fine teeth which are designed for a secure hold which is especially important during sporting activities. Due to this headband’s impressive grip, all the hair will be slicked back with no flyaway hairs.

Suitable for a range of sports including football, golf and cricket.

Available in black and tortoiseshell.

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2) Sleek Flexible Headband For Sports Including Football


Although the Sports Headband is made from an acetate blend, our Sleek Flexible Headband is made from a Cellulose Acetate Material. This headband is heat activated and the flexible material moulds to the shape of your head, so in other words, it has the most comfortable fit.

You can be confident that these sporting headbands hold the hair back at ease and will keep the hair out of the face for an entire sporting game.

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3) Wide Headband


Are you after something with a thicker band? No problem, our Wide Headband also moulds to your head shape and size, guaranteeing the headband will remain comfortably in place throughout the sport.

For an alternative style, try our Knot Headband.

Suitable for the popular sport, football, or soccer to some.

Available in Dark Tortoise, Ember and Marbled Ash.

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4) Sports Flexicomb Headband


Mens Hair Tools is designed to secure all hair types and textures and with our sporting headbands collection this has most certainly been achieved. Next on the list is our Sports Flexicomb Headband.

This light, subtle and easy to wear headband is suitable for keeping long hair back during sports.

Although it is suitable for all hair types, this ZigZag Mens Sports Hairband is recommended towards males with Curly and Thick hair.

Appropriate for the team sport, Rugby as the teeth lay flat on the head.


5) Men's Fabric Headband


Last but not least, our Men’s Fabric Headband holds the hair back in a quick and easy way making them suitable for Sports Wear. These mens headbands can be used discretely and are available in Brown and Grey.

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There is always the worry of headbands causing headaches or hair loss - no one wants a headache during a game of football. These headbands are lightweight with polished edges which are a lot kinder to the hair than plastic, sharp-edged headbands.

Why not invest in all three at a click of a button? Check out our range of fuss free multipacks below, and find the perfect set to keep your hair in check while you concentrate on the game. Get more headband and hair band inspiration by browsing our entire men's hair collection, or keeping tabs on our blog.  

Sporting Headband Pack

Sports Flexicomb Headband Pack

Sports Headband Pack

Sleek Flexible Headband Pack

Everyday Headband Pack

Premium Headband Pack 


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