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manbun vector hair tool hair pin for men

Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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When it comes to tying up hair, men have a few different options. Men's hair ties are one of the most popular go-to solutions, for managing your mane on a day-to-day basis. Our men’s hair ties and tailmakers are specially designed with a tough grip to hold the hair securely, without causing any damage. Made in France with the highest quality materials, our hair ties are designed not to catch or snag. Made to give your hair a strong, lasting hold, our ponytailers and hair ties keep you looking great, and your hair healthy and under control.





Tailmakers & Hair Ties For Men

These Tailmakers are a quick and easy way to firmly and comfortably secure all of your hair at one go to hold it back and away from your neck and face. Grab a men’s hair tie or tailmaker and secure your hair back in a ponytail, plait, man-bun or whatever style takes your fancy. These devices allow you to create a tight, sleek ponytail with ease. Take a look at our popular Jagged Edge Tail Maker. Our ponytail makers come in both resin and elastic varieties, so you can choose the one that best suits your hair type. If you have much thicker, longer hair, you might love our collection of Men’s Hair Clamps, another quick, easy and snag-free way to secure your hair back!

Strong Men’s Hair Ties

You may have found hair ties to be weak, breakable, and prone to losing elasticity quick. We know how frustrating this can be when you are looking for a men’s hair band or tie to keep your hair in place all day. With our Men’s Hair Tools Quality Guarantee, you can be confident that your hair is being held by the highest quality materials that will last without causing damage or breakage to your hair. Oh, and they also look great!

Men’s Hair Solutions For Any Occasion

Men’s Hair Tools have got your back, wherever you are going and whatever the dress code. These tail makers and hair ties for men make a versatile and easy solution to hold your hair back with lasting hold throughout the day and into the evening. Dress them up or down – it’s up to you! If you have long locks and are looking for the right tools to tame your mane then why not take a look at our Men’s Long Hair Accessories collection?