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Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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It's no secret that headbands for men are having a moment. From Jack Grealish to Zayn Malik, we see many celebrities wearing this functional, fashionable look. If you want tips on how to master the headband, you've come to the right place. 




How should a man wear a headband?

Headbands are a simple, versatile hair tool that can elevate your look. Of course, you're going to need to choose the right headband for your hair type. 

  • Zig Zag headbands are great for sports, and have been seen on footballer Jack Grealish. Secure the clasp at the nape of your neck, sweep your hair off your face, and you're good to go. 
  • Classic headbands, sometimes called alice bands, are perfect for more polished looks. Comb through your hair and finish with a headband for a sophisticated look. 
  • Style Tip: Make sure to wash and comb your hair regularly, as this makes it easier to manage. 

To apply the headband, men should:

  • Part and smooth out the hair and select the headband. 
  • Place the headband on your head with the ends just behind your ears. 
  • Use the band to push the hair back from your face. Tuck in any flyaway hairs. 


Do headbands effect hair growth? 

No, wearing a headband won't effect hair growth. In fact, a good quality headband can actually help to prevent damage.

  • Cellulose acetate based headbands will mould to the shape of your head, which avoids tension and pulling. Maintaining hair health is vital, so men should invest in hair-friendly tools. 
  • Avoid materials such as metal and rough fabrics, as these can tear the hair and cause breakage. 


Is it unprofessional to wear a headband? 

Wearing a headband is perfectly professional, but it all depends on how you style it. Make sure that you are choosing the right headband for the occasion. Taking the time to choose the right headband shows that you are detail-oriented, and those small touches make a big difference. 

In the office 

We recommend choosing something sleek and sophisticated for work. Headbands with subtle patterns and narrow bands look great paired with a crisp shirt and tie. 

For formal events 

A mens headband is a great, unexpected finishing touch for formal wear. Whether its a wedding, anniversary dinner, or drinks with the boss, a headband can really elevate your look.