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manbun vector hair tool hair pin for men

Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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Sourcing eco-friendly and sustainable men's hair accessories can be a challenge. Here at Men's Hair Tools, we believe that styling up your look does not need to come at a cost to the planet. Our ethos is to provide only ethically made sustainable hair tools from the highest quality materials that can be kept for years in a pursuit to be the leaders in Mens premium Slow Fashion Accessories.

All of our products are French made in a small family-run factory. This family have been hand crafting since 1892 and are the most expert in the area of accessory craftsmanship - this includes premium high-end glasses frames and hair accessories made with French and Italian made resin known as Cellulose Acetate.

Cellulose Acetate is a biodegradable material that is created from wood pulp, cotton and other natural sources. This material is sustainable over many years. Any items during the manufacturing process that do not meet the highest standards are ground down and recycled to be used again.


Mission Statement in Sustainability

'Sustainability is of core importance to us as a brand at Men's Hair Tools. This is why we have naturally sourced our materials from wood pulp and cotton which ensures that they are biodegradable and will not leave a negative impact on our planet. We are both socially and ethically responsible making sure that our products are not only naturally made but also long-lasting for years to come.'


Sustainable Men's Hair Accessories


Our Premium Hair Tools Collection of sustainable men's hair accessories are all made from sheets of Cellulose Acetate that have been cut out, carefully shaped and polished to have the smoothest edges which prevents snagging and damage to your hair. The Everyday Hair Tools Collection is made from an Acetate blend which is moulded with slightly different finishes than our Premium Hair Tools Collection. Both Collections are securely fitted with the most robust steel mechanisms that are fool-proof and unlike anything that you would find on the high-street.