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Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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Headband Mulitpacks For Men


Sometimes when you are shopping, the last thing you want is to have too much choice, right? Well we have made it easy for you here at Mens Hair Tools. Simply choose one of our multipacks which include a mens sports headbands, premium mens headbands and everyday headbands. All you have to do is add it to your basket and a 10% discount will automatically be applied to your cart - it really is that simple!

Lets take a closer look…


Sporting Headband Pack


First of all we have the Sporting Headband Pack. This bundle contains the three most popular headbands which are the Sleek Flexible Headband, the Sports Flexicomb Headband and the Sports Headband. They are ideal for all sports. 

The best sporting headbands for men | Mens Hair Tools

This packdefinitely has variety, the Sleek Flexible Headband is made from a Cellulose Acetate Material, which is heat activated meaning it will mould to the shape of your head. For this reason, you will never need to worry about them digging into your head or causing you tension headaches that cheap high street alternatives may give you. This headband is also known as a football headband. 

The Sports Flexicomb is subtle and easy to wear, most suited for keeping long hair back during sports. Most appropriate to use as a rugby headband as the teeth lay flat to the head, avoiding any discomfort. 

Our best selling Sports Headband is designed to secure all of the hair back, making it suitable for all hair types and sports. 

We have created three multi-pack bundles which are essential for not only sports but everyday wear: Sports Headband Pack, Sleek Flexible Headband Pack and Sports Flexicomb Headband Pack. If it saves you time, energy and money buying three at once then what’s stopping you?


How do men wear sports headbands | Mens Hair Tools


Premium Headbands Pack


If you’re looking for superior quality, our Premium Headband Multipack is for you. This includes the Wide Headband, the Sleek Flexible Headband and the Knot Headband. As mentioned above, all three of these are made from Cellulose Acetate ensuring maximum comfort for all hair types. 

Premium Quality Headbands for men | Mens Hair Tools

Everyday Mulitpack

Last but not least, the Everyday Multipackis another necessity. With our subtle Sports Flexicomb, our best selling Sports Headband and our discrete Fabric Headband you can’t go wrong. 

Everyday Headbands for men | Mens Hair Tools

Suitable for all hair types and everyday wear. 


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