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Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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An Introduction To Men's Hair Pins

There are plenty of ways to achieve the popular man bun look, for example using a hair claw or your standard hair elastic. However, have you ever thought about using a hair pin? 


Men Hair Pins work by securing your hair without the need for an elastic which is a healthier alternative to using elastics. Hair Pins can secure a large amount of hair or a half up section in a mens man bun style.


This style can be completed in 3 simple steps, taking no time at all. 


What Hair Pin Should I Use For My Hair Type?

Finding the correct hair pin to use in your hair really does depend on your hair type. Here at Mens Hair Tools our men's hair pin's accommodates all hair types. 


Our Long Hair Pin is suited towards medium to thick and long hair types. Handcrafted with cellulose acetate, this hair pin ensures a comfortable fit, free from tension and is also kind to the hair. What more could you want? 

Tying your hair into a man bun using a hair elastic can easily snag on the hair, causing breakage. With this hair pin there is no longer this issue. 


If this isn’t your thing, don’t worry the Large Hair Prong may be a better alternative. This pin is also suitable for medium to thick and long hair types. Again, handcrafted with a cellulose acetate blend ensuring a comfortable, tension free fit. 


Another discreet hair pin we offer is the Small Hair Prong, most suitable towards medium to long hair. If your hair is on the finer side, these pins can be used in larger sections of your hair. Whereas, the thicker your hair is the smaller section you will need such as a half man bun. 


How To Use Men's Hair Pins

You can create a half man bun hairstyle for long hair using a hair pin by following the quick steps below: 


1. Gather All Of Your Hair And Twist Into A Man Bun, Hold With Your Right Hand


Half Man Bun | Mens Hair Tools


2. Push The Large Hair Prong, Curved Side Up, Through the Bun. Whilst Still Holding The Bun With Your Other Hand


How To Create A Man Bun | Mens Hair Tools 


3. Flip The Large Hair Prong and Push It Into The Bun To Secure


Men's Hair Pins | Mens Hair Tools

It really is that simple! There are so many ways to create a man bun and other mens hair accessories that work just as well are Men's Hair Ties and Men Hair Clamps.

Any Questions? Contact us through our live chat or email us. 


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