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manbun vector hair tool hair pin for men

Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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Thinking of gift ideas for yourself isn't always the easiest let alone for other people. That’s why we have created the ultimate gift guide for men, whether it's for yourself or your loved ones. Why not step it up a notch this year and go for something unique?

Have you ever thought about gifting them a hair accessory? They would really appreciate a hair accessory to finally control their mane. 

Luxury Gifts For Men

Why not treat them to something extra special this year? Something that will last a lifetime. 

Premium hair tools. Delicately handmade in France using the lightweight, eco-friendly material: cellulose acetate. Perfected and hand polished to a thorough ten step process. 

This Premium Men’s Hair Tie is unlike no other on the market, perfect for everyday use and creating the iconic man bun. Why not invest in their hair? Invest in something that is kind to the hair and doesn’t cause hair breakage.

Men's Hair Band | Mens Hair Tools

Why not try something different this year? A high quality barrette clip used for top-knots, half-up styles and ponytails. These luxury barrettes are made with your hair in mind, they are guaranteed to last one year but expected to last a lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather invest in one high quality hair clip than replacing cheap alternatives that break monthly?

 Men's Barrette Clips | Mens Hair Tools


Stocking Filler Ideas For Men

When Christmas comes around each year, finding that perfect gift for someone can be stressful, particularly if you’ve got a budget you’re sticking with. Look no further with these luxury men hair accessories that are affordable yet high quality. 

Our Everyday Hair Tools collection is made in France with the highest quality materials that will not be found on the high-street. These hair tools are made using an acetate blend and are moulded into shape and securely fitted with the most durable and robust steel mechanisms. 

Our Sports Headband is definitely a favourite and a best seller for a reason. Every man needs this in their life, whether they are looking to achieve the Jack Grealish headband look or trying to control their flyaways. It is an essential for short and long haired men. 

Men's Sports Headband | Mens Hair Tools

Another best seller is our Large Curved Hair Clamp, a claw that is designed with a wide grasp yet comfortable grip. For those men with medium to thick hair types, this one’s for them. For styling tips check our this blog on how to use a hair clamp. 

 Large Curved Hair Claw For Men | Mens Hair Tools

Still on the search for even more Christmas gifts? Get in touch and we can give you a more personal suggestion!


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