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Handmade In France From Biodegradable Materials.

Men's Hair Solutions Tailored To Your Hair Type.

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Crafted From An Acetate Blend.

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When it comes to mens hair accessories there is the struggle of finding high quality, long-lasting hair accessories. At Mens Hair Tools we take great pride in our collection of hair accessories and can assure you that we cover all mens hair types. 


What are the best hairbands for men?

No man wants to be spending more than a few seconds on their hair in the morning. We want it to be out of our face as soon as possible, right? That’s why at Mens Hair Tools we have created the ultimate 7 best hair bands for men that take just seconds to style. 

1. Premium Men’s Hair Tie

Are you not bored of using your average elastics to tie your hair up? Using elastic bands to tie your hair up can cause a significant amount of breakage to the hair and not to mention they can snap themselves after a short while. This Premium Men’s Hair Tie is handmade in France from a strong, biodegradable material called cellulose acetate. This hair tie is polished for a smooth finish and finished with a strong hair elastic, which is incomparable to high street elastics. This hair tie makes the perfect man bun and ponytails. 

 Men's Hair Tie | Mens Hair Tools


2. Men’s Thick Hair Tailmaker

Have you got so much hair that you don’t know what to do with it? If your answer is yes then this Thick Hair Tailmaker is for you. Due to the long shape of this banana clip, it can fit large volumes of hair inside. Those with thick and long hair, this one is for you. Here at Mens Hair Tools we want to introduce mens hair accessories that don’t pull and snag on the hair and with this tailmaker it is much healthier for your hair than an elastic hair tie. Are you bored of styling your hair into an average ponytail? This tailmaker is a stylish solution to create a men’s ponytail hairstyle.

 Men's Tailmaker | Mens Hair Tools

3. Men’s Sports Headband

This is the best men’s headband to pull your hair out of your face in seconds, designed with closely spaced fine teeth for a secure hold. When it comes to headbands for men, all we really want is something to wear everyday that is easy to use. This Sport’s Headband does exactly that and is also ideal for sports. What more could you want? With this affordable but practical headband, you really can’t go wrong. 


Men's Best Headbands | Mens Hair Tools 

4. Men’s Long Hair Pin

Now this may seem slightly more complex than the others. But trust us when we say this hairstyle takes seconds. If you’re looking to change up your standard man bun then you are going to love this hair pin. This is another hairstyle that is free from tension and is kind to the hair, unlike high street alternatives. 


This blog goes into more detail on how to use them.

 Hair Pins For Men | Mens Hair Tools

5. Men’s Hair Clips

Sometimes all you need is a small clip to hold your hair back away from your face and hair clips for men are not always the easiest things to find. These 2x Hair Clips are the perfect hair accessory to style your hair out of your face. Are you looking to keep your hair out of your face but keep your hair down at the same time? You have came to the right place. Again, these Premium Hair Tools are made from the highest quality steel snap clips and handcrafted in France with a sustainable Cellulose Acetate. 


 Men's Hair Clips | Mens Hair Tools

6. Large Thick Hair Clamp

Can you still not control your unruly, thick hair? This hair clamp is perfect for controlling the thickest hair types. If nothing else works, then this will work for you! Crafted in France with a Cellulose Acetate blend, this clamp will comfortably but securely hold all of your hair in place all day. This clamp has been designed with a very wide depth and durable steel mechanisms. This is by far one of the best mens hair bands!

 Hair Clamps For Men | Mens Hair Tools


7. Men’s Wide Arched Hair Clip

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for then this one will definitely be for you. We have covered clamps, hair pins, headbands and tailmakers, so what’s next? It really comes down to the simple, but most effective hair clip. The Wide Arched Hair Clip is ideal for half up styles and top-knots. The beauty of this hair clip is that it is suitable for all hair types and can create hairstyles in no time at all. From our Premium Hair Tools collection, this hair clip is fitted on a high quality 7cm steel barrette clasp. 

 Hair Clips For Men | Mens Hair Tools

There you have it, 7 of the best hair bands for men! If these are not for you then we have plenty of other men’s hair accessories that are suitable for all hair types. 


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